Spiritual Manipulation in Pseudo-Christian Cults: A Panel. Doug Duncan, MS, LPC; Wendy Duncan, MA, LBSW; Molly Koshatka

Post Cult Spirituality: Toxic vs. Healthy. Doug Duncan, MS, LPC; Wendy Duncan, MA, LBSW

Born or Raised in Cultic Groups. Lorna Goldberg, PsyA, MSW; Leona Furnari, MSW

Traumatic Narcissism: The Psychology of Cult Leaders. Daniel Shaw, MSW

Many more videos are available on the ICSA YouTube Channel, including but not limited to the following:

After the Cult

What is a Cult? Margaret T. Singer

Leaving a Cult? Margaret T. Singer

Listening to the Still Small Voice: Reclaiming the Self After Leaving Religious Totalistic Groups. Catherine De Boer

Inner Experience and Conversion. Michael Langone

Religious Conflict Resolution. Michael Langone and Patrick Ryan

Applying Conflict Resolution and Mediation to Cultic and Related Problems. Patricia Millar

Getting Therapy After a Group Involvement. Rosanne Henry

Anger, Rage, Pseudopersonality, and Cults. Gillie Jenkinson and Sue Parker Hall

Critical Thinking Skills. Doug Duncan

Writing Down the Pain: A Case Study of the Benefits of Writing for Cult Survivors. Gordon Neufeld

Reflections on Being a "Blessed Child" in the Unification Church. Donna Collins

Panel: Recovering Your Sexual Cult After the Cult - Parts 1 & 2. Steve Eichel, Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Rod Dubrow-Marshall, and Carla Brown