About SSHN Membership

The Spiritual Safe Haven Network (SSHN) is a program of International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA). Founded in 1979, ICSA is a global network of people concerned about psychological manipulation and abuse in cultic or high-demand groups, alternative movements, and other environments. ICSA is tax-exempt, supports civil liberties, and is not affiliated with any religious or commercial organizations. ICSA is unique in how it brings together former group members, families, helping professionals and researchers.

Individual Membership

An individual membership in SSHN entitles one to receive the E-Newsletter and the benefits of membership in ICSA, described below. Register Online.

Institutional Membership

ICSA offers a special institutional membership for churches, synagogues, other faith organizations, secondary schools, hospitals, and mental health centers.

Institutional membership includes print membership benefits for a designated contact person at the institution (to make sure that your library receives our publications) and Web membership benefits for up to five other employees or volunteers of the institution.

We ask $100 for an institutional membership, a savings of up to $225, if the six memberships were obtained separately.

To initiate an institutional membership, please send:

  • The name, address, and phone of the institution requesting the membership
  • The name, address, phone(s), and e-mail of the primary contact person.
  • The names, addresses, phone(s), and e-mails of up to 5 volunteers or employees of the institution
  • Note which of these people would like to receive the News Desk e-mail
  • A check for $100 (additional donations always welcome) payable to ICSA in US dollars, drawn on a US bank. Send checks (or credit card information) to ICSA, PO Box 2265, Bonita Springs, FL 34133 (fax: 1-305-393-8193;
  • You may register online, though you should also send us an email with the information requested above.

After we receive your membership request, we will send you a welcome packet and information on accessing the ICSA member site.

Members receive:

  • ICSA Today - Magazine (3 issues/year) – electronic version for Web members.
  • International Journal of Cultic Studies - Annual, multilingual academic web journal that publishes scholarly articles and book reviews.
  • News Desk e-mail – bi-weekly e-mail of a news article deemed noteworthy by the ICSA News Desk. Sent upon request.
  • ICSA Member Update - quarterly e-mail containing news about the activities (e.g., public talks, publications, etc.) of ICSA members.
  • E-Library - Access to ICSA's e-library of more than 25,000 documents and videos, with news articles going back to 1979.
  • Discount for member and immediate family at annual conference and other events
  • Opportunity to network with experts in the field and people adversely affected by cultic experiences by attending ICSA conferences, workshops, and local events/meetings and by participating in ICSA networks, committees, and study groups.
  • Access to speakers who may be able to give a talk for your organization. If this interests you, please write us at