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"Breaking the Chains"

Christine Cole

Spiritual abuse is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. That is because people are complex and multifaceted. Ten persons in the same environment will respond in ten different ways.

In order to understand the world, however, we need to simplify. So we extract generalizations or principles from the diverse experiences of many people.

If the generalizations or principles that we come up with are to be accurate and true, they must be based on a large body of experience. If we investigate only a few cases and generalize to a large population, we are likely to draw inaccurate conclusions. We need a lot of data. In the case of people, there are two kinds of important data: empirical psychological research and human stories.

This section of Spiritual Abuse Resources asks readers to contribute their story of spiritual or psychological abuse. If appropriate, we will publish your story in our E-Newsletter. Or we will post it in the Story Blog. (We will, of course, obtain your written permission before doing so.)

We also make available a limited number of videos in which individuals tell their stories.

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