Find a Speaker

ICSA, which sponsors the Spiritual Abuse Resources (SAR), has four main constituencies:

  • helping professionals (mental health, clergy, lawyers, educators)

  • academic researchers

  • former members of cultic groups; other victims of spiritual/psychological abuse

  • families concerned about a loved one involved in an abusive group or relationship.

Many former members of abusive groups are also academicians, helping professionals, and family members. For this reason former group members constitute more than half of ICSA’s network.

ICSA members and volunteers span religious and political spectra.

The common belief that holds them together is that human beings should be treated with dignity and should not be exploited, deceived, or manipulated to serve agendas other than their own.

Because of our diversity, churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations will find a wide array of potential speakers:

  • academics

  • mental health professionals

  • clergy and religious educators from a variety of faith traditions

  • educators

  • attorneys

  • victims of cultic groups and/or spiritual or psychological abuse

  • families of victims

Although our supporters are scattered geographically, we may be able to find an appropriate local speaker for you.

Organizing webinars can be a cost-effective educational event.

If your faith community is interested in sponsoring an educational program on spiritual abuse and/or cults, please write to us at Please describe your needs and the name and contact information of a person for us to contact in order to discuss the options that we may be able to offer you.

Please note: ICSA/SAR try to help you find an appropriate speaker. The opinions of all speakers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of ICSA’s or SAR's directors, staff, volunteers, members, or supporters.