Spiritual Abuse Conference

Recovering From Spiritual Abuse: A Conference for Survivors, Churches, and Helpers (October 26-27, 2018)

Spiritual Abuse Resources and MeadowHaven have organized a conference on spiritual abuse that will take place at the DoubleTree Bradley International Airport Hotel (Hartford, CT) October 26-27, 2018.

This conference provides information and guidance for:

  • those who have experienced spiritual abuse in cults, authoritarian churches, relationships, or mainstream religious organizations

  • professionals, family members, and other persons who want to help spiritual abuse survivors

  • church personnel and volunteers who want to make their churches more welcoming and healing to survivors of spiritual abuse

See "conference details" section on this page.

Fee: $150/person. Student rate: $75.

Register Online

Special Conference Flyer for Churches

Space is limited by the capacity of the meeting rooms. If you are interested but not ready to register, hold a place in order to ensure that you will be able to attend.

Conference Details


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