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After the Cult

Listening to the Still Small Voice: Reclaiming the Self After Leaving Religious Totalistic Groups (Catherine De Boer, PhD)

Inner Experience and Conversion (Michael D. Langone, PhD)

Post-Cult Spirituality (Wendy and Doug Duncan)

Religious Conflict Resolution (Michael D. Langone, PhD; Patrick Ryan)

Applying Conflict Resolution and Mediation to Cultic and Related Problems (Patricia Millar, PhD)

Getting Therapy After a Group Involvement (Rosanne Henry, MA)

Anger, Rage, Pseudopersonality, and Cults (Gillie Jenkinson, MA; Sue Parker Hall)

Critical Thinking Skills (Doug Duncan, MA)

Spiritual Manipulation in Pseudo-Christian Cults: A Panel (Doug Duncan, MA, Wendy Duncan, MA, Molly Koshatka)

Writing Down the Pain: A Case Study of the Benefits of Writing for Cult Survivors (K. Gordon Neufeld)

Born or Raised in Cultic Groups (Lorna Goldberg, MSW, Leona Furnari, MSW)