Readings: Pastors and Other Religious Professionals

Videos (ICSA YouTube Channel contains more than 45 videos on a variety of topics.)

Identifying and Understanding Abusive Groups

Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups – Revised (Michael D. Langone, PhD)

Dysfunctional Churches (Ronald Enroth, PhD)

More Than the Devil's Due (Adrian J. Reimers)

Religion Versus Cult (Richard L. Dowhower, DDiv)

Psychological Perspectives on Abusive Groups and Cults

Cult Formation (Robert J. Lifton, MD)

Clinical Update on Cults (Michael D. Langone, PhD)


Research Studies

Advice for Pastors, Youth Educators, and Spiritual “Consumers”

Cults: What Clergy Should Know (Richard L. Dowhower, DDiv)

Ten Steps to Critical Thinking (From Easily Fooled, copyright © 2000 by Robert Fellows –

Sexual Abuse

Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Analysis of claims of child sexual abuse made with respect to Catholic Church institutions

Safe and sound: Exploring the safety of young people in residential care; Principles of trauma-informed approaches to child sexual abuse: A discussion paper.

Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church: Gender, Power, and Organizational Culture. (Marie Keenan)

The Cry of Tamar, 2nd edition (2012). (Pamela Cooper-White)

Declaration of Pamela Cooper-White, PhD, in the case of Plaintiff v. Ananda Church of Self Realization (1996)

Soul Stealing: Power Relations in Pastoral Sexual Abuse. Pamela Cooper-White. The Christian Century (February 20, 1991).


Choosing a Church (Larry Pile)

Disciple Abuse (Rev. Gordon MacDonald)