Consultation for Pastors

The persons listed below are willing to talk or correspond with pastors who may have questions regarding helping spiritual abuse victims and/or making their church more hospitable, i.e., "safe havens," to them. We recommend that pastors also explore the resources in the Spiritual Safe Haven Network section of this website.

Stephen Martin, MDiv, is a co-founder of Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center, established in 1986, and has served as a workshop leader there to help restore the lives of former members. An outgrowth of this work has been spiritual abuse education in the public arena, especially churches, in which Stephen has conducted more than 45 programs. He is author of the book The Heresy of Mind Control, which integrates the psychology of cults with Biblical insight as an educational and therapeutic tool, and he has co-authored two articles in ICSA publications. He is also a part-time pastor. Websites: Wellspring: Steve’s book: Email: