Consultation: Families

SAR's budget does not enable it to offer free consultation to families, although we are happy to respond to email inquiries (contact us).

We advise families to study the resources on this site, in particular the family overview and family readings, and to attend relevant conferences and other events.

As noted in the Overview, ICSA's Counseling Resources page lists experts around the world. We advise people seeking professional consultation to investigate options to make sure that they feel comfortable with a particular person. Sometimes state psychological, medical, or professional associations maintain referral lists for the public. Even though few professionals have much expertise with spiritual abuse or cultic groups, many can be helpful, particularly if they have worked with family systems or abused populations and if they are willing to learn about spiritual abuse and cult-related issues. Our readings for helping professionals may be useful to therapists seeking to learn about this area. Families requiring assistance from legal professionals or private investigators may find it helpful to consult ICSA's legal study guide or child custody collection.